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At "Rose Bakery", our simple yet natural dishes bring out
the real taste of raw ingredients such as fresh vegetables
and many kind of grain. Rose Bakery's food
and products are simple and natural.


Either baking a delicious cake or biscuit, or making a pudding and placing it
on the counter while it's still hot, all we do is with pleasure and aim to make people happy.
Our seasonal pasties are freshly baked daily giving
you different flavor and texture to enjoy.


Our cookies are simple and allow you to enjoy different texture.
We provide many choices from our specialities to shortbread.
Our cookies used ingredients like nuts, chocolate, polenta and
ginger powder - also a great choice for present.


Find little surprises in our salad served with seasonal materials, seeds and grains.
We prepare each salad first by finding the best cutting and cooking process for particular vegetable.
The way a vegetable is sliced affects the taste, texture and the overall balance of the dish.
From many of our recipes, we select daily specials for your choice.


The dine-in menu is simple.
Our signature dishes are prepared in the simple "Rose's style".


Rose is a big fan of soups, there is always a soup on our menu, winter through summer
regardless of the season. Different varieties and combinations are available.
Our soup has a feature of simple flavor and taste of natural vegetable.
Daily special is available from our selection of soups.


Our original drink recipes use only natural and raw ingredients.
Seasonal limited drinks are available.


The recipe book is filled with Rose's idea for cooking,
memorable episode to open Rose Bakery, and many recipes.


In Paris and London, we use amazingly hand-crafted plates,
bowls and cups which were made by English potters.
In Japan, we have a selection of pottery and cutlery
to replicate the ambient in our Paris store.


Japan original items, specially designed by Rose.


Tea Together for Rose Bakery…
The original jam is specially produced by Rose. Everything is prepared and cooked
by hand in their atelier using traditional copper pans.
"Only whole fruits and cane sugar are used, with certified ingredients".