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Me and Jean-Charles originally ran a clothing business. On our regular travelling to Italy, France and Japan, it became increasingly obvious that our interests lay further than just clothing, instead of rushing to fashion outlets, we would look for local food markets and all kinds of restaurants. By 1988, we finally decided to close our clothing business and we opened a food store called "Villandry". We wanted to bring a food market into one tiny space. Unfortunately, it was a complicated concept which required tremendous efforts to maintain. In 2002, we opened "Rose Bakery" in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. It is a special store where we accumulate years of our experience from Villandry.

Rose Bakery is unlike any other ordinary bakery, we serve dishes and pastries freshly "cooked and baked" by Rose.

An unique ambient gives you a special feeling
Everything is based on instinct
Everything is natural
Nostalgic and honest

We cherishes these words.
And our key words are simple and natural. Customers enjoy the "real taste of food" which is prepared truthfully, honestly and wholesomely. We hope customers can always find new discovery and surprise at Rose Bakery.

Our principal ideas are "to provide high quality products", " to introduce more vegetable-based dishes" and "to offer a healthier choice of desserts and cakes, without compromising the flavour and texture".First and foremost we always find the best ingredients for the recipes.The right choice is down to our trust in our suppliers to find particular ingredients. Our only goal is to satisfactory our customers without compromise. There is no other way a delicious dish could be done.This belief has gained us trust all over the world in so many Rose Bakery.